Art Donations


Thank you so much for you interest in my art! I have been fortunate to receive continuous support from so many wonderful individuals and organizations, therefore 'giving back' to community is something I endeavor to do within my creative practice.  Every year I donate a number of artworks to select charities and local fundraisers.

I have partnered with both regional and national non-profit organizations including:

Gulf Restoration Network
No/Aids Task Force
Kenya Women's AIDS Collective
Dress For Success - New Orleans
American Cancer Society
St. Tammany Parish Hospital

New Heights Therapy Center
Ben Blanchard Foundation

If you are a representative of a non-profit organization and are interested in acquiring my artwork to benefit your fundraising efforts, kindly review the following terms and guidelines:

ART DONATION Partnership Terms

1) Fundraisers & auctions: a minimum reserve-price of 15% of the overall sale price per painting is required and is to be remitted to artist. This covers the bare minimum of materials comprising the artwork (it does not include the hours of work that goes into creating it, wiring, cataloging or packing it). Because I am a small business as an independent artist, this arrangement allows me to continue producing quality fine art and further sustains the opportunity for me to be able to to donate a number of one-of-a-kind artwork year after year.
2) Artwork must be displayed in a professional manner using appropriate hardware for wall hanging or standing easels. Artist's full name, website and social media handles must be included and displayed with the donated artwork, as well as, within any media efforts relevant to the specific event/purpose to which the art is being donated.
3) In an effort to preserve image and color quality, professional hi-res images of the artwork provided by artist is to be used for any printed literature, press or promotional campaigns.
4) Non-profit agrees to send a receipt outlining the final sold price of donated artwork.
5) Collection/pick-up and/or delivery of approved artwork is arranged and fulfilled by non-profit including the return of unsold art. Unsold art must be returned in it's original condition, free of damage.
6) Non-profit agrees to cover any and all damaged, missing or stolen artwork that occurs while artwork is in non-profit's possession.

Donation Request Guidelines

Please provide:
1) Name and address of non-profit organization
2) A written description highlighting your non-profit's mission & event
3) Proof of 501(c)(3) status

I carefully review every donation request and ensure that each one receives a response in a timely manner.  I receive numerous requests for donations and because I have only a limited number of art available to donate, I give priority to requests from non-profits that have *both* a mission that resonates strongly with me (women's empowerment/ environmental sustainability/ arts education) AND the ability to meet the terms set forth above. If you would like to move forward in partnering with me for an Art Donation, please feel free to contact me with all pertinent information listed in the Donation Request Guidelines at: hello[at] Thank you so much for considering a partnership through art with me! I look forward to hearing from you and learning about your non-profit!