10 payments. 10 months. no interest.

I'm happy to offer INTEREST-FREE financing on works priced at $1,000 or greater through my wonderful partner, Art Money!

Click here to get approved in real-time

How it works in 4 easy steps...

1. Get verified by Art Money *getting verified does not affect your credit score*

2. Pay just a 10% deposit to Marianne Angeli Rodriguez (1st monthly payment)

3. Enjoy your new art! Take home the artwork or have it shipped to you immediately

4. Pay the 9 remaining monthly payments to Art Money

For example, if an artwork costs $1000, you pay $100 to us (Rodriguez Gallery), the artwork is sent to you, and then you pay the 9 x $100 remaining monthly payments to Art Money, for a total of 10 payments.

Find out why my collectors love Art Money --> Take the first easy step towards buying your favorite piece of art by visiting Art Money to get verified today.

Still have questions? Send us an email :)

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